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preserving the bounty!

summer’s nearly over, but the food is still coming!

Sometimes it seems hard for my small family to keep up with the bounty from the CSA (though goodness knows, it’s a fun struggle to have!).  But when we’re feeling overwhelmed with beans or tomatoes, or whathaveyou, we end up prepping the veggies with a quick dip (1-2 min tops) in boiling salted water, cooling them in an ice bath, and then popping them into labeled and dated freezer bags and into the freezer.  Needless to say, I love having my stash come January!

We’re lucky enough to have enough freezer space for this blanching/freezing method.  But if you don’t, look into canning and preserving.  Supermarkets, hardware stores, craft stores, and of course, the internet, all carry the supplies you need to start canning.  And check out Food in Jars is a great site to get some killer inspiration!

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