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Archive for July 3rd, 2010


did you order blueberries?  are you totally overwhelmed with what to do with them?  Well, other than eat them straight…

The first thing we did with our blueberries was weigh out half into gallon freezer bags and pop them into the freezer for eating later on.  But what else?

first up, Alton Brown’s blueberry muffin recipe!  This is really the ur-muffin recipe as far as my family is considered.  (though I have to say, don’t bother with cake flour. All Purpose flour works just fine–and is what’s called for in the book-version of the recipe.)  And as a bonus, the muffins actually work better using frozen berries!

Jonathan's blueberry muffins

Second option?  Blueberry boy bait! This is like a blueberry coffee cake, and it’s delicious.  Really, you can’t go wrong with anything Smitten Kitchen does.

similar to boy bait, but much much fruitier is the blueberry streusel cake from the late, great Gourmet. This one has won over even the stubborn “I don’t like cooked fruit” people.

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