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Join up!

Want to join?

We will have shares available for new members for the 2017 season.  Membership at our Llewellyn Road site in Montclair will be capped at 75 shares, membership in our Cedar Grove site will be capped at 40 shares and membership at our new pick up site on Lindburgh Boulevard, in Bloomfield, will be capped at 50 members.

How can I join?

We will be sending out registration forms in February to new members for the 2016 season.  Contact Asa Miraglia at for registration forms.

What types of shares are there?

Full shares:

Full shares receive a weekly delivery for 24 weeks from Mid June to early November.

Split shares:

We do allow two households to split a full share.  Both household names will be on the sign-in sheet and will receive all mailings.  Households can divide the share weekly or can alternate weeks.   There are only a few rules about split shares to help keep our record keeping accurate.  First, we ask the entire weekly share be picked up when signed for.  If members are splitting each share weekly, one household must remove the entire share from the bins and then divide the share into two.  Second, if one of the households requires that the share be prebagged, the share must always be prebagged.  We cannot alternate weeks for prebagging. Finally all scheduling is the responsibility of the splitting members.

Questions? Contact us!

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