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Archive for June 16th, 2009

Farm Update #3. Week 1. June 16th Delivery

Hi Everyone,

We’ve arrived at the week you’ve all been waiting for- the week of the first delivery. As usual there won’t be a large number of items in this first share, but what we have I think you will enjoy. I was hoping to have broccoli for the first share, as the early crop was beginning to head up last week, but it seems that it will need another week.

I guess it isn’t necessary to tell you it’s been raining a lot. These wet conditions for the past 2 weeks have made it very difficult to keep up with the planting schedule. The greenhouse is full of plants ready to be transplanted, but I can’t prepare the beds, because the ground is too wet to work. There are many seeds that need to go in now as well, and even though I have ground ready, the seeder won’t work properly if the soil is too wet. And there’s keeping up with the weeds in the already growing crops. When I am able to cultivate with the tractor in a timely manner a lot of hand cultivation can be avoided, but weeds disturbed by a cultivator easily re-root in wet soil.

Sometimes people think that all the rain is good for the crops, but what’s really needed is a balance between rain and sunshine. Prolonged dampness can create ideal conditions for fungal diseases and frequent rain makes it difficult to spray for insect pests. I am always mindful of the maxim: Be careful what you wish for, in these circumstances. At anytime now the rain might stop and we could head into a long drought. For now I’m just hoping for a few days of sun before the next round of showers and thunderstorms rolls in.

The share for this week will be: English (shell) peas, Red leaf lettuce, endive, garlic scapes, radishes, kale, red stemmed spinach, and a choice of oregano or mint.


Farmer John

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The first pickup of the season!

Hi everyone and welcome to the new season!  I’m Jen Bonnell, and I’ve been a member of the CSA for three years now. This is my first post on the blog, which we hope to become a more vital part of our communications this season. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be working on how best to use the site to serve everyone, share recipes, and all that fun stuff.  (And feel free to email me with suggestions, questions, etc!)

Today is the first pickup of the season! The share for this week will be English (shell) peas, red leaf lettuce, endive, garlic scapes, radishes, kale, red-stemmed spinach, and a choice of oregano or mint.

Don’t forget to check out Ken’s eggs and poultry from Havenwood Farms, if you haven’t already. Seriously, these eggs are like NOTHING you’ve ever tasted, and the yolks are so bright and vivid!  The chickens, too, are just amazing and well worth it.

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