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Archive for July 13th, 2009

Farm Update # 7, Week 5, July 14th delivery

here’s John’s note from the farm this week!

Hello Folks,

We’ve been busy this past week trying to catch up with the planting and with the weeding that we were unable to get done this past month due to the rain.

I have almost finished planting the pumpkins and the winter squash. On Monday I will finish up with planting the acorn squash and will also try to plant the edamame soybeans. We have also begun to harvest the garlic and hang it in the barn to cure. We should finish that project as well early this week.

We have also been busy in the greenhouse planting broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and other thing for the fall crop. The tops on some of the onions have begun to die back so we will be starting the onion harvest next week.

The share for this week will be: Romaine lettuce, Chinese cabbage, carrots, fresh garlic, peas, basil and choice of mustard or dandelion greens.


Farmer John

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Eggs & Broilers

This week is an egg and broiler delivery week and everyone should know that if eggs and broilers are not picked up, they will sit in the coolers for a week and spoil.  PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL this week to pick up all orders.

Two weeks ago we had seven dozen eggs and a broiler that were forgotten at pick-up and we had to scramble to find their owners.  Ken sends down an inventory list each week with his delivery, but over the course of the pick up hours, the prior delivery’s list got mixed up with the current weekn and some of our members were signing off on one sheet and some on the other.  Additionally, members didn’t have that week’s note about broiler weights and last minute orders.

This week, we’ve asked Ken to date each sheet, and to only include the inventory for the current week on the list so that each delivery sheet will be more distinguishable and we can avoid this kind of mix up again.

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