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admin-y stuff

Enid has posted the latest Havenwood Farm egg/broiler/soap/jam order form for July and August on the  google group .  The order form is for July and August, and so if you are interested in getting anything delivered during August be sure to mail it to him soon.  He needs to have the order form and check prior to delivery.

Enid’s also posted the CSA directory on the google group in case you need to reach other members to cover work shifts you’ve signed up for and can’t make, or need someone to pick up your vegetables for you, etc.
Only CSA members have access to this website and therefore to the directory.

And don’t forget! I’ve also set up an unmoderated discussion group on yahoo for Montclair-CSA
members to share ideas, annouce personal happenings, etc.  Membership is currently moderated at the moment, just so it doesn’t ‘get too spammy and participation is optional, of course.

Finally, our new CSA site on Nassau Rd is in its third week and doing well!  If you’re interested in joining, we’re able to take a few more members on, so please visit the Join Up! section here for more info.

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